July 2017 Programs: Kids' Camp

July 2: "Air and Dare to Dream"

July 9: "Fire and Free Will" 

July 16: "Water and Going with the Flow" 

July 23: "Earth and Finding Our Roots" 

July 30: Harris Community Splash Pad Outing and Picnic

June 2017 Programs

June 4: Louis Braille, Developer of braille writing. 

June 19: "What Makes Someone a Hero?"

May 2017 Programs

May 4th: Mystery Heroes!  

May 21: Junior Fellowship Business Meeting: upcoming lessons, how to use their space, and what supplies and equipment are needed. 

April 2017 Programs

April 2: Climate Change and Global Warming Service. 

April 18: Flower Communion Service. 

March 2017 Programs

March 5: Blessing of the Animals Service. 

March 19: Junior Fellowship discovered why Joseph Priestly was a hero, conducted an experiment to create oxygen, and recreated parts of Priestly's life. 

February 2017 Programs

February 5: The Junior Fellowship learned about Malvina Reynolds, a woman whose songs changed people's minds about a lot of things.

February 19: Discussion on Clara Barton and some of the great impacts she had; Juniors tried their hand at some of Clara's skills too. 

January 2017 Programs

January 1: Junior Fellowship participated in the Bread and Butter Party.

January 15: The Junior Fellowship begins an investigation into Heroes/Heroines Without Capes. First hero to be discussed, and one of his experiments tried, was Benjamin Franklin.

December 2016 Programs

December 4: The Junior Fellowship created two surprises for the Christmas service on the 18th and discussed the many ways people have celebrated the beginning of change in the darkest time of the year.

December 18: Junior Fellowship participated in the Christmas Service.

November 2016 Programs

November 6: The Junior Fellowship will learn about recycling and composting, and will help build an addition to the Fellowship's compost bin.

November 20: Junior Fellowship will be part of the Thanksgiving Potluck.

October 2016 Programs

October 2: Class discussion on Rosh Hashannah, followed by a treat of apples dipped in honey, and 12-month bingo.

October 16: Celebration of harvest festival Sukkot, including construction of miniature Sukkahs.

September 2016 Programs

September 4: Friendship Week: Making gifts for friends, discussion on what makes a good friend, and the importance of friends. 

September 18: International Day of Peace: Exploration of the Fellowship's new Peace Pole; Construction of small peace poles. 

August 2016 Programs

August 7: Beliefs and ceremonies of the Huichol Indians; Yarn Paintings. 

August 21: Annual Water Communion. No Junior Programs.

July 2016 Programs

July 3: Kids' Camp: Travel Around the World: India

July 10: Kids' Camp: Travel Around the World: Russia

July 17: Kids' Camp: Travel Around the World: New Zealand

July 24: Kids' Camp: Travel Around the World: Germany

July 31: Kids' Camp: Travel Around the World: Africa

June 2016 Programs

June 5: Japanese Children's Day, cont'd: Making kites and flowers to represent the power and grace that Japanese parents wish for their children.

June 19: Celebrating Africa Day: discovering facts about the continent of Africa and creating African masks.

May 2016 Programs

May 1: Celebrating Earth Day: learning about how and why it was created as a holiday, creating a web of life, and planting some sunflowers. 

May 15: Japanese Children's Day: There were once two celebrations--Boys' Day, with kites and swords, and Girls' Day, with dolls and tea parties. Today, there is only "Children's Day," learning about what goes on during this celebration and fly some kites too.

April 2016 Programs

April 3: Celebrating Buddha's Birthday: learning about his eight-fold path, and discussing why it is worth celebrating. Birthday cake and crafts.  

April 17: Annual Blessing of the Animals Service. No Junior Programs.