10 June 2018 minutes:

Meeting commenced at 09:02, ended at 09:56.
Air conditioner needs to be checked, it is not cooling efficiently.
Tree trimming: a few Live oaks in the rear of the building need to be deadwooded.
Sheila will get a quote.
Shed: No progress as of yet, Bob has been given a contact number.
Playground: Jessica needs to follow up with Hulda to get more details.
Letters for outdoor sign discussed, can get a set of 100 for a little over $70.00. Sheila
will have to purchase and then get reimbursed...
Financial status discussed and all balances are positive.
Clarification of bylaws: monetary donation must be of record to attain membership.
Paypal account will be established. Valerie Delgadillo offered to assist Norma with this
A request was madeby Sheila to the UU board that if they have any pictures that could
be used for the website (without identifiers) there is a need. Jessica said she has quite a
few images to share.
Ronald Mc Donald donations down... do we pick another charity to donate to?
Suggestion: Bell County Animal Shelter, continue R McD donations.
Kids' (s) camp: Hulda asks for assistance.
Board meeting: None in July.
Night book club: postponed until September.
Coffee Pot: Time for a new one?
Minutes concluded.

08 July 2018 minutes: There was a need to have a July board meeting despite thinking it might not be necessary in June.


Meeting minutes

Location:  Kubala Hall
Date:  July 8, 2018
Attendees:  Lanelle Mikeska, Sheila Oliver, Norma Maedgen, Sharon Glockzin, Kay Price, Linda Knightes, Charles Capen
Time:  0900

  • Old Business: Norma and Bill Maedgen purchased safe discussed in last mtg., Thank you letter to Britt AC written by Pres. Lanelle Mikeska approved. Sheds priced by Bill and Norma will cost at least $2,500.00, some discussion again re necessity of shed. Share the Plate to go to Ronald McDonald House.
  • New Business: Cindy Brown volunteered for role of Conflict Resolution Specialist. Role and need for confidentiality discussed unless mbr is threat to self or others. Cindy will provide her email as a form of contact. Motion to create this position made and all agreed verbally.
  • Vice-President, Sheila Oliver presented findings on safe congregation policy obtained from uucentralct.org. Those interested in working on a version for uufbc encouraged to look up site and read material as information is extensive.
  • Tracy McCloud updated board on grounds and Garden for Wildlife Project.

Action Items    Owner(s)      Deadline      Status

Diaper Genie and Changing table         Norma Maedgen                                   Asap                                           In progress

Replacement of some areas of carpet in kids playroom /Unassigned             TBD                                              Planning

Mulch for beds in front of building/weed control   Tracy McCloud            End of Summer                               In Progress


Board Meeting Minutes 8/12/2018 0900

In attendance: President, Lanell Mikeska; Vice President, Sheila Oliver; Treasurer, Norma Maedgen; Secretary, Sharon Glockzin; Cindy Brown; Board Members, Kay Price; Linda Knightes; and Charles Capen.

Meeting began with discussion of need for childcare every week. Valerie Delgadillo has resigned. General agreement to ask Amy Burgar if she is willing to work every week instead of her current 2 weeks/mo.

Treasurer’s Report

Norma reported balances of checking, money market, and cd accounts. Building insurance for the year was paid this month.

Old Business

Storage Shed: Norma to order from Northern Tool. She will coordinate delivery of kit to coincide with 5th Sunday workday Sept. 30. Shed projected cost $500.00, floor kit projected cost $70.00. Total cost to be taken from money market account.

Diaper changing station: to be ordered from Amazon, Board Member, Linda Knightes to donate.

Stained Carpet in Playroom: We no longer have any replacement squares. There was discussion if carpet vs. vinyl plank is a better choice for the room due to allergy/hygiene concerns. Topic remains open.

New Business

New member packet: Copies passed out for consideration and suggestions/revisions

Bylaws: After review of the Bylaws, it was agreed that only a few minor changes/adjustments be made.

Linda Knightes has a 2 drawer file cabinet that she will donate to the choir to store music

Outdoor lighting: all lighting to be inspected for brightness and functionality. There is concern that the marquee lighting is also too dim. All agreed the outdoor lighting is necessary for safety.

Final item: need for exterior painting of new siding. Will be addressed prior to Sept. workday.

Meeting was adjourned at 0955.



Board Meeting Minutes 9/9/2018

In attendance: Lanell Mikeska, president, Norma Maedgen, treasurer, Sharon Glockzin, secretary, Kay Price, board member, Linda Knightes, board member, Charles Capen, board member at large, and Bill Maedgen, Hulda Burgar.

Reading and approval of minutes of 8/12/2018 board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Balances of fellowship’s money market, checking, and CD accounts shared with board by Norma Maedgen, treasurer. No action was required.

Old Business: Playroom flooring. Since there are no more carpet squares, and matching old with new is not possible, options were discussed. Ideas included pulling up existing flooring and staining the concrete in which case a throw rug would be used. Hulda Burgar recommended replacing the current flooring with interlocking foam squares which can be easily cleaned.

Outdoor lighting: There are new bulbs in marquee lights.

New member packet: Remains under review by board members.

Storage Shed: It was unanimously decided to assemble the shed on a Saturday, probably in October rather than try to assemble and complete other chores on 5th Sunday workday 9/30/2018.

New Business: The New Member Brunch will be held immediately following RE on 9/23/2018.

Member-at-Large: Charles Capen has agreed to step into board member position, and Bill Maedgen will become at large member. Unanimous vote approval by board.

Thanks to Linda Knightes for donation of file cabinet for choir music.

Meeting adjourned 0945.

There was no board meeting in October 2018.

November 2018:


Board Meeting Minutes 11/11/2018

In attendance: Lanelle Mikeska, President, Norma Maedgen, Treasurer, Sharon Glockzin,
Secretary, Kay Price, Board Member, Bill Maedgen, Board Member at Large, and Charles
Capen, Board Member
Meeting called to order at 0905.
Reading and approval of minutes for 9/9/2018.
Treasurer’s Report: Fellowship CD has matured, treasurer moved $600.00 from Money Market
account and added that amount to CD total. New CD interest 2.25% 1.25%
Old Business: None to discuss.
New Business: Preparation for Congregational Meeting scheduled 11/18/2018:
Bylaws Article 3 section 3 Voting members are those who have submitted a

pledge and a donation of record.
UUFBC Statement of Right Relations which is to be included in all new member

packets will be handed out to membership and discussed for any member input or


There will be one proxy allowed per member and should be in writing.

Old/New: Shed to be built December 8 or 15 weather permitting.
Meeting Adjourned 0955.

There was no board meeting in December 2018.

January 2019 Minutes: to be posted

February 2019:


Board Meeting Minutes 02/10/2019
In attendance: Sheila Oliver, Vice- President; Norma Maedgen, Treasurer; Sharon Glockzin, Secretary; Kay Price, Board Member; Linda Knightes, Board Member; Charles Capen, Board Member; Bill Maedgen, Board Member- at-Large; and Hulda Burgar

Meeting called to order at 0910

Treasurer's Report: Checking balance 3171.48; Money Market 10, 257.85; CD 31, 130.69

Old Business: Playroom floor- pending. Flooring received. Still need to remove old carpet.

New Business: Roof shingle repair needed? Need to repair playground- 5th Sunday project 03/31/19. What about smaller playground? Utilize larger playground only? Make smaller playground into meditation garden? Further thought and discussion required. Outdoor benches need stabilization. Sharon Glockzin to research cleaning services prior to next board meeting. Paint bathrooms 5th Sunday in March.

Initial plan for June Mortgage payoff celebration made, further planning will be needed. Some discussion of March and April programs.

Meeting adjourned 0955.

March 2019:


Board Meeting Minutes 03/24/2019

In attendance: Lanelle Mikeska, President; Norma Maedgen, Treasurer; Sharon Glockzin, Secretary; Linda Knightes, Board Member; Kay Price, Board Member; Charles Capen, Board Member; Bill Maedgen, Board Member-at-Large; Hulda Burgar.

Meeting called to order: 0903

Minutes from 2/10/19 Board Meeting reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Balances of Checking, CD, and Money Market accounts reported. Mortgage payoff party to be held 6/30/19.

Cleaning service to clean 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

Plans for 5th Sunday 3/31/19:

          Work on outdoor shed

          Playroom floor

          Clean refrigerator

          Lightbulbs and air filters


Lunch will be provided

Other Business: Discussed issues with outdoor trees, the oaks have oak wilt. Many dead branches that need to be cleared. Clearing trails, children enjoy playing on trails.

Animal service: Lanelle has dog bed to raffle. Proceeds to go to animal shelter. Members may bring other donations for shelter.

Willow Grove Baptist Church, Moody. Was vandalized. Lanelle unable to reach by phone will send letter offering assistance.

Upcoming Events: Movies and Munchies 4/13/19. Community Potluck Soup and Salad 5/11/19.

Scout Troop: Will meet on Thursdays at 7:00pm at Hulda’s home. If more interest is generated in Morgan’s Point/Belton areas meetings may move to UUFBC.

Meeting adjourned: 0955

April 2019: 

Board Meeting Minutes 04/14/2019

In attendance: Lanelle Mikeska, President; Sheila Oliver, Vice-President; Norma Maedgen, Treasurer; Sharon Glockzin, Secretary; Charles Capen, Board Member; Kay Price, Board Member; Bill Maedgen, Board Member-at-Large; Hulda Burgar.

Meeting called to order: 0915

Meeting minutes of 3/24/19 read, approved with no changes or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking acct bal. $1860.65, Money Market $10,278.59, Certificate of Deposit $31,220.59

New Business: Need to replace recently deceased Linda Knightes board member position.

Cleaning service: Stains still noted on carpet in hallway and sanctuary. Sharon Glockzin to contact cleaning supervisor, Marty, regarding this prior to next meeting.

Hulda reports that Mark and his scouts are ready to clean and clear trails and remove hazardous limbs. Board voted and approved trail work. At this time there was some discussion regarding church liability concerning neighborhood children playing on UUFBC property. Further study required.

Hulda’s report on UUFBC-sponsored scout troop: Multiple activities planned and underway.

Movies and Munchies has been rescheduled for 04/27/19

Sheila: Requests to buy the rocks in pile behind sanctuary.

Easter egg hunt on 4/21/19 discussed.

Old Business: Shed construction remains in progress.

No further discussion. Meeting adjourned 1000.