10 June 2018 minutes:

Meeting commenced at 09:02, ended at 09:56.
Air conditioner needs to be checked, it is not cooling efficiently.
Tree trimming: a few Live oaks in the rear of the building need to be deadwooded.
Sheila will get a quote.
Shed: No progress as of yet, Bob has been given a contact number.
Playground: Jessica needs to follow up with Hulda to get more details.
Letters for outdoor sign discussed, can get a set of 100 for a little over $70.00. Sheila
will have to purchase and then get reimbursed...
Financial status discussed and all balances are positive.
Clarification of bylaws: monetary donation must be of record to attain membership.
Paypal account will be established. Valerie Delgadillo offered to assist Norma with this
A request was madeby Sheila to the UU board that if they have any pictures that could
be used for the website (without identifiers) there is a need. Jessica said she has quite a
few images to share.
Ronald Mc Donald donations down... do we pick another charity to donate to?
Suggestion: Bell County Animal Shelter, continue R McD donations.
Kids' (s) camp: Hulda asks for assistance.
Board meeting: None in July.
Night book club: postponed until September.
Coffee Pot: Time for a new one?
Minutes concluded.