2014 Programs

December 2014 Programs

December 7: "Yoga & Meditation" by Nam Joti of Temple Yoga

December 14: Adult RE: "Nationalism;" Followed by "The Hanging of the Greens."

December 21: "Christmas Past and Present" by Bob Blair and Jessica Swafford

December 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

November 2014 Programs

November 2: "LGBTQ and American Society" by Tracy McLoud

November 9: Adult RE: "What is Culture?" 

November 16: "Medicine Wheel" by Heidi Fuller

November 23: Adult RE: "Cell Phones--do they require a search warrant and should they be encrypted?" 

November 30: 5th Sunday: Outdoor workday and Thanksgiving potluck.

October 2014 Programs

October 5: "Evolution of God in the Archaeological Record" (Part III) by Heidi Fuller

October 12: Adult RE: "Marketing Fear" 

October 19: Presentation on "Feminine Balance" by Sister Earth and Sister Sea: www.sistersofearthandsea.com

October 26: Adult RE: "The Hungry: Feed, Shun or Expel? What is the nature of poverty in Texas, and what should we do about it?" 

September 2014 Programs

September 7: "Science and Spirituality" by Bob Blair

September 14: Adult RE: "What would be the effects if the federal government were controlled by social conservatives?" 

September 21: "St. Francis, the Holocaust, and the Assissi Underground" by Lanell Mikeska

September 28: Adult RE: "Ethical Consumerism" 

August 2014 Programs

August 3: "Sometimes the good guy wins" by Lanell Mikeska

August 10: Adult RE: Discussion on the NSA.

August 17: Water Communion

August 24: Adult RE: "When does human life begin?"

August 31: 5th Sunday: Building Interior Cleanup and Potluck Sunday

July 2014 Programs

July 6: Kids' Summer Camp Series: Exploring the 7 Principles through "Frozen." Movie viewing and introduction to principles.

July 13: Kids' Summer Camp Series: Exploring the 7 Principles through "Frozen." Kids' yoga and other activities.

July 20: Kids' Summer Camp Series: Exploring the 7 Principles through "Frozen." "Snow" ornaments and other activities.

July 27: Kids' Summer Camp Series: Exploring the 7 Principles through "Frozen." Seven principles journey and labyrinth walk.

June 2014 Programs

June 1: "Liberal Religion from the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution" (Part II) by Bob Blair

June 8: Adult RE: Ethical Behavior Series: "Should I help a suffering loved one die?" 

June 15: "Evolution of 'God' through the Archaeological Record" (Part II) by Heidi Fuller

June 22: Adult RE: Ethical Behavior Series: "Is torture ever acceptable?" 

June 29: 5th Sunday: Grounds/Building Cleanup and Yearly Planning. *Potluck Sunday*

May 2014 Programs

May 4: "The Humorous Side of Religion" by Jean Kubala Spring Congregational Meeting

May 11: Adult RE: "Islam" Presentation by Kris Poppe

May 18: "Pundamentalism" by guest speaker, Steve Brooks

May 25: Adult RE: Ethical Behavior Series: "What are my obligations to the poor?"